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In the world of Domuara, the physical world - the world where living beings walk and breathe and such- is only one of five dimensions of existence. These dimensions are called planes. Humans are able to reach some of these planes by ‘projecting’ or sending their consciousness out from their body to the plane they wish to contact. These planes are important because some of them are the source of the different energies that humans use to wield whatever type of magic they are proficient in.



This is the plane where living beings dwell, as does the sun, moon, stars, all that stuff. All things in the physical plane exude an aura, which provides the energy for physical magic, or as humans call it, spellcasting. For magical purposes, all physical matter can be categorized into five elements: earth, water, air, fire and light. (Please be aware that scientifically these are not the true elements; carbon, oxygen, hydrogen, to name a few, these elements exist in this world and create compounds and such. The elemental categories here are the five forms of matter that can be manipulated with elemental magic.)



This is the plane that connects all planes to each other. The astral plane is the plane most easily reached by humans, since a person does not need any special powers or talents to reach it. Many humans have touched the astral plane at least once while they slept. However, only psychics, spiritual magic wielders, and very skilled spellcasters can consciously project to the Astral plane. A person who reaches this plane sees nothing but a gray mist, which can be manipulated with a simple thought. Experienced Astral travelers learn to change their surroundings to become whatever they desire, from a cozy room to a scenic landscape. The link connecting the astral dweller’s mind to its body in the physical plane manifests itself as a cord in the astral plane. This dimension is not a source of energy for any magic.



This plane is also commonly called the Elemental plane. As stated above, all physical matter can be classified into one of five elements (earth, water, air, fire, light). Elemental magic users use their emotions to summon the energy needed to control a particular element. This energy is tapped from the Emotional Plane. This plane is pure energy that can transcend into all other planes, so even though a person cannot project into the Emotional Plane, the properties of this plane and its energies make elemental magic the only type of magic that can be used in any plane of existence.



This dimension can be considered the psychic’s plane. Only a psychic can project to this plane, although the most powerful spellcasters can learn how to use physical magic to project to the Mental Plane. This plane is much like the Astral Plane, with a foggy atmosphere that can be manipulated at will. The fog in the Mental plane consists of a variety of colors that shift and blend. This can become very disorienting to one who does not know how to navigate the plane. Psychics are attuned to this plane from birth. The mind of a psychic automatically draws energy from this plane at all times.



This plane is the home of souls. When a living being dies, its soul leaves the body and finds its way to the Spiritual plane. This dimension is what would be considered Heaven by most humans. In sentient beings, the consciousness will sometimes remain with the soul; if it does not, then the soul becomes an aimless spirit, remaining an ethereal form in the Physical plane for spiritual magic users to draw magical energy from until the spirit can find its way to the spiritual plane. A spirit that maintains its consciousness can either choose to depart to the spiritual plane, or remain in the physical plane as a ghost or guardian spirit. A spirit can go to the spiritual plane at any time it chooses, but once the spiritual plane is reached, the spirit cannot return to any of the other planes. Since no spirit has ever returned from the spiritual plane, no one knows why this is the case. Like the astral plane, the spiritual plane is not really a source of energy for magic users, it is only the final home of the spirits that provide the energy needed for those who cast spiritual magic.