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The Draca are able to manipulate different kinds of energy – energy that humans call ‘magic’ – that exists in the universe. In most worlds there is seldom more than one or two forms that are dominant. To have a place where all forms of magic can be used is extremely rare.

Five Different Types of Magic Exist.


This is the classic “spellbook, wand and scroll” type of magic. Energy from the physical plane is manipulated by mundane means, such as writing incantations on paper, semantic movements, and vocal chants. Combining these actions creates a spell, which creates the effect the caster intended. This magic must be taught; most sentient beings with the rare ability to cast physical magic must be able to at least decipher symbols (that is, read). The written incantations must be studied and memorized each time a spell is cast, but humans have discovered ‘shortcuts’, which allow the most talented spellcasters to execute spells without any noticeable semantics. Some very experienced mages suspect that there might even be a way to
cast without re-memorizing spells over and over.



This energy provides psychics with the ability to read minds (telepathy), move things (telekinesis), move themselves (teleportation), heal themselves (psychometabolism), shift their minds to other locations and planes (clairsentience), and even attack and defend themselves from other psychics and physical forms of attack (empathy, psychokinesis). Psychics are born with a trait that allows them to learn to manipulate energy from the mental plane (see planes of existence) by just concentrating on the task at hand. Psychics do not always need training if they have a good enough imagination to figure out how to perform feats, and although it is not easy to learn and become accustomed to using mental magic, once a psychic
masters control of this talent, they can easily learn to perform amazing feats with not much more than a thought.



This is the purest type of energy, and because it is so basic and simple, it is by far the most powerful kind of magic, if used skillfully. Elemental energy, like mental energy, originates in a different plane. This plane is called the emotional plane. It is so called because of the connection between a sentient being’s emotions and the energy present in the five basic elements that exist in the physical plane: earth, air, fire, water and light. This elemental energy differs from physical magic because it manifests in these physical elements in a way that provides anyone able to control the energy with absolute control of the element. Beings that are able to control this power are called channelers (One dragon tried to eradicate this
talent from humans in Domuara by killing most channelers and trying to conceal this knowledge from humans). Each channeler can control a certain element by experiencing a certain emotion: joy, anger, fear,
sorrow and love. The emotion/elemental combination is different with each channeler. Obviously, since emotions can be difficult to control, and beings with this power can make all kind of strange things happen around them if their feelings go unchecked, whoever possesses this talent must be trained, at the very least to understand what they are able to do.



This type of magic differs from the previous three types because it does not originate from a plane of existence. Rather, the spirits of the dead which have not, or choose not to, move on to the spiritual plane provide this special magical energy to those who are able to wield it. Most spiritual magic wielders are able to interact with these spirits to some degree. It may be as slight as feeling the presence of an individual spirit, or as involved as to be able to directly command spirits, rather than just use the energy they impart. Almost always, users of spiritual magic become a religious figure of some type. As with mental magic, it is not necessary to train one who has this power. However, in very rare cases, a spirit may ‘possess’ a person who can use spiritual magic but does not know how to wield it. In this case, a trained spiritual magic user must ‘expel’ the spirit or the subject could either go insane or be cast out of their living body so the invading spirit can establish control and become alive again. Draca magic – this form of energy is not very well known or understood, even by the Draca. Difficult to describe, this type of magic is a combination of the other four types of magic, derived from all the planes. It is believed to be a magical byproduct as energies are filtered through the Astral Plane. The Draca are very attuned to this power, and can use it instinctively, at will, with no training. A very powerful, dangerous energy, Draca Magic needs resources to be of any use to its wielders, and will consume life essence and energy from any living thing it can use, turning the surroundings of its wielder into reddish ash. Dragons are the only beings able to wield this terrible energy, but sometimes this ability will manifest in a non-dragon species, turning them into a different being that is dreaded by the superior Draca.