The Academy
The wards are children no longer... The Academy wards are now full-grown and powerful, but have yet to complete school. And although they have proven themselves more than worthy of their destinies, friendships are now put to the test. Rohen and Jamu's rivalry reaches a critical peak, and Galen is drawn into their conflict. Academy politics drives a wedge between Ben and Jania. Megan's feelings for Yar begin to waver as her heart strays. A spurned love exacts deadly revenge while a secret crush threatens to grow dangerously out of hand. And as the young humans question their relationships and self-identifies, the Draca continue their deadly schemes to woo the wards they can control, and destroy the ones they can't. The Draca Wards face difficult and sometimes heartbreaking choices during the next few months. And as Rohen and Jamu approach graduation and their time at Espies comes to an end, the wards begin to realize that their adventurous lives are only just beginning.

The Academy


The Academy is a group of four colleges, all located on a shared campus and main tower. The Academy is very selective, so all students are exceptionally talented in some way. Most of the wards end up attending  one of the colleges sooner or later. Glimpses of Destiny is the last book featuring the Academy as the main setting. Not all of the characters graduate at the same time, so some scenes will still be set in the Academy. Below is a brief description of each college:


Arcanum -  Children with spellcasting abilities train at the mage’s college, Arcanum. As with the other colleges, Arcanum begins training new students at the age of ten. Arcanum is set in the second of the Academy’s two towers. Students graduate after seven years, and are bestowed the title of Mage upon graduation. The emblem of Arcanum is an owl.



Somatica - Children who can wield spiritual magic are sent to train as Healers in Somatica. The Healer’s college is a medical school where students are taught to use spiritual magic as a healing tool. To reinforce their status as peaceful non-combatants, the college is secular and apolitical. However, they are trained in quarterstaff combat as a self-defense skill. Somatica students graduate after seven years. Somatica’s emblem is a snake.



Espies - Espies is the Academy’s scout college, and the most exclusive. Espies applicants are heavily tested, and low performing students are culled after their first year, reassigned to a separate archery regiment. Espies trains students for reconnoissance, diplomacy and espionage. Espies uses a ranking system to rate their students and squads, called troops. The top ranking students are selected to lead younger troops.  Espies students are trained for six years, and must complete a one-year compulsory assignment after graduation. Their emblem is a tiger.



Gladia - The Academy’s soldier’s college. High intelligence and early leadership traits are the main requirement for Gladia applicants. The most promising youngsters are selected to learn about military warfare and train them to become leaders and generals. Gladia does not have the specialty status of the magic colleges, nor do they share the prestigious image of Espies, but a Gladia graduate is all but guaranteed to have a highly successful military or political career. Gladia students graduate after six years, and must also complete a year-long assignment. Gladia features a lion as their emblem.

Glimpses of Destiny wraps up the Academy years for most of the characters. The wards begin to use their powers in earnest as they come into their own. But the perils they face are great, and they all soon receive a taste of the dangerous obstacles they must overcome to help save their world.