*A Draca type is much more than it’s appearance and attributes, it is a very big part of a dragon’s identity. A dragon’s type defines its personality, tendencies, magical abilities and even its familial identity.
Draca are hatched from eggs that are delivered by a mother and fertilized by a father. However, they bond and form families with dragons of their own type. Two dragons of the same type can have a hatchling that is a different type. However, it is rare that two dragons of the same type to become mates, since dragons of the same type see themselves as related. Four types of dragons exist. The differences between the Draca types are mostly physiological, although much of a dragon’s’ personality is based on its type. The most defining characteristic of a dragon type is the form of magic it specializes in.



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The Draca have the ability to take on the form of any living species they come across, at will. They are able to do this with very little effort, so dragons are capable of roaming other worlds for millennia without being discovered. Despite this awesome ability, the Draca prefer to be in their natural state. Or rather, states. Draca have two natural forms: their full dragon form and their smaller, or half-dragon form.

Half-Dragon Form- This is a misnomer, since there is no ‘other half’. It is believed that since the Draca has had more contact with humans than any other species, some attributes of their smaller form were compared with human features, but the origin to the half-dragon term is lost to even the ancient Draca.
A Draca’s smaller form is bipedal. The wings are a separate set of limbs from the arms and can be folded flat against the back. The lesser form is a vertebrate with a central spine, which extends halfway down the long tapering tail. Their leathery skin can be white, blue, red or black, depending on the type of dragon. The head is lizard-like, with a short, blunt muzzle, their sharp teeth are not exposed. Draca in their smaller forms vary in height.

Full-Dragon Form – Draca in their larger, more powerful form are more saurian-shaped. They are four-legged but the forelegs are much more slender and slightly shorter, with opposable digits to allow the Draca to use their front legs as arms. Draca in full form are roughly eight times bigger than an average sized human.
The body of a full-formed Draca is covered with glossy scales. The scales interlock to give the dragon a sleek, varnished look. The dragon’s wings are made of the same leathery skin of the half dragon form. When folded they set perched upon the dragon’s back, rather than folded flat.

All dragons have slight variations in appearance, particularly with scale patterns, spines, talons, spikes, and such. As such, each dragon is unique in appearance. Draca color is dependent on its type, as explained on the side column *Dragon Types section.
There are four types of Draca. Click below to learn more about each Draca type

Character List:


Below are the names and a brief description of all the Draca Dragons.

The good dragons (Tueri):

Here is a list of the eight Tueri dragons roaming the world of the wards, far away from their own:


Silx is the dragon who found and marked the first ward, Milina. He is a young Physical (Earth) dragon, black-scaled in his dragon forms, and he has black hair and eyes in his human form. He looks like an adolescent male when in human form.



Vitalia saved Rohen from his stepfather and fought the Debellos dragon Sanguis to keep him safe. She is a Spiritual (Spirit) dragon, and her coloring is bright blue in both her Draca forms. She has brown hair and blue eyes in her human form, and is tall and slender. She likes to speak in a Northern accent.



Semino found Galen shortly after the Edgewood massacre. The high-strung Elemental dragon is blood-red in color, with reddish brown hair and  red eyes when he is in his thin, long-limbed human form.



Animis is a Spirit dragon like Vitalia, with her blue coloring, except his hair is darker when human. He is Jania’s tutor at the Syntrean palace, and he was also with Semino when Galen was found.



In order to keep the Debellos dragon Humo from causing too much harm at the Academy during this critical time, Terra poses as an Arcanum mage. She is an Earth (Physical) dragon like her brother Silx. She is jet black as a dragon, and has lovely black hair and eyes when in her voluptuous human form.



Caeles is the ‘Angel’ who helped Megan during her years living at the druid’s commune.  A white Celestial dragon, Caeles has white hair and eyes in his human form. Caeles can take on several human forms (not all dragons can do this) but prefers to pose as an older man.



Poli is also a Celestial dragon, like Caeles. But even though they share the same coloring, Poli prefers a younger human shape. She is currently imprisoned by the Debellos dragon Obitus, but she has ways of communicating with her fellow Tueri.



Rigare is an Elemental dragon, with red scales like her brother Semino. She also has auburn hair and red eyes as a human, but her form is of a middle-aged, motherly woman. She is currently searching frantically for her ward.


The bad dragons (Debellos):

The dragons below are the eight Debellos who are hunting for the wards. The goals of the Debellos pose a deadly threat to the future of this world. The Tueri dragons are desperately trying to thwart the plans of the Debellos.


Gravesco is an Elemental dragon, red-scaled in dragon form and red-haired with red eyes in human form. Gravesco perished while in pursuit of Galen, but how the Debellos dragon died is a mystery.



Obitus is a white Celestial Dragon. He is also known by the druids as the White Angel. Since his white eyes make him appear less human than most of his Draca counterparts, Obitus prefers to appear mostly as a spiritual presence, though he will take on human form when he feels like it.



Humo is a Physical (Earth) dragon. He is currently posing as the Academy Headmaster, lurking among humans as he waits for the young wards to inevitably make their way to the world’s most prestigious school. Like all Earth dragons, Humo is black, adopting black hair and eyes while in human form.



Sanguis is a blue Spiritual Dragon who likes to appear as a blue-eyed glamorous woman when in human form. Sanguis is obsessed with getting her claws on young Rohen. It appears there is nothing she won’t do to accomplish this.



Tabesis is a Physical (Earth) dragon. The black dragon appears as an impossibly attractive woman in her human guise. Tabesis keeps her plans to herself, and is not very communicative. There seems to be some kind of rift between her and her brother Humo.

The remaining three dragons are still much of a mystery at this point.


Abeo is a blue Spiritual dragon, like Sanguis and the Tueri dragons Vitalia and Animis.



Aboria is a white Celestial dragon, like Obitus and the Tueri dragons Caeles and Poli.



Senui is a red Elemental dragon, like Gravesco and the Tueri dragons Semino and Rigare.