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Whether princess or peasant
Healer or warrior
Their destinies are intertwined
They just don’t know it yet

Paperback: 270pgs Publisher: Silver Leaf Books ISBN: 978-1-60975-051-0

Synopsis- Coming of Age

The evil Headmaster and his allies have been thwarted, but the teen wards still have some growing up to do. Studies become harder, romances begin to take hold and war begins to touch their lives as Humo shifts his evil plans for world domination into full gear. And Humo is not the only threat the wards face.
From illness to fireballs, the Debellos use every tool they can to vanquish the wards.  And when the two powerful countries of Syntrea and Massea stand at the brink of war, the alliance keeping the eastern invaders at bay is all but lost. But the Princess and Jamu have joined forces, and Jamu has a plan. Can they defy the Headmaster’s will and live to tell the tale? And will their partnership kill any chance Ben has left to win over Jania’s heart?