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Character List:


Below are the names and a brief description of the main human characters, along with a few supporting characters after that. For a list of the dragon characters, click DRACA above.

Main Characters


By his tenth year, the young Northern boy has already endured nightmarish tragedies. Torn from his family, he is left with a kind druid and her husband until he is old enough to attend the five-college Academy. But although his future seems promising, he is haunted not only by his past, but by a dragon who will do anything to get her claws on him.



The child of two druids, Megan lived at a druidic commune with her mother until she sent the nine-year-old off to live with her father. The circumstances leading to her departure left Megan feeling abandoned and resentful. And who will help her control her dangerous powers now that she has to leave her secret friend behind?



Jania is the daughter of the king of the powerful country of Syntrea, and first in line to the throne. She is able to cast spells, and her tutor is discreetly training her to use yet another power. She has all the makings of becoming the most powerful ruler the world has ever witnessed. But as she studies magic under a hostile Headmaster with sinister plans, will she survive the next seven years?



An exceptionally mature child from a small Syntrean village, ten-year-old Ben is already pondering his future when his home is brutally razed by invading forces from the East. Miraculously, the boy survives the attack, but has no idea how. Bent on revenge, he travels to the Academy to attend the warrior's college, but a special mage discovers something about him that changes everything.



Tiny Galen is the only other survivor of the Edgewood razing, and the only human alive who knows exactly how she and Ben survived and what drove the advancing force back into full retreat. But her mind has blocked all memory of what happened, and although the story of her ordeal -and many fantastic peddler stories- have spread worldwide, the seven-year-old is unable to confirm any of it. Yet.


Supporting Characters


Bilin is Megan’s father, and a combat instructor at Somatica, the Healer’s college at the Academy. He ends up taking in Rohen and Galen as well, becoming a working single father of three. Feel sorry for him yet? You will after reading Familiar Origins.



Jamu is Rohen’s troopmate and best friend at Espies. As the son of a powerful noble from the exotic island nation of Sur, he inevitably becomes friends with Jania as well.



Yar attends the warrior’s college, Gladia. He befriends Rohen, Ben and Jamu on their first day of school. He also has a crush on Megan.



Jesi is Megan’s classmate at Somatica. She begins to chase after Rohen once Megan introduces them.



June is Bilin’s young widowed neighbor. She helps him with the children, particularly Megan and Galen. She also keeps Bilin company at times.



Milina was found and taken by the dragon Silx when she was a newborn. She is the first found ward, and readers will see more of her later on during the saga.