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The Draca Wards Saga is a multi-book fantasy epic set in the world of Domuara, a planet rich in magic where humans are the prevalent species. However, even though humans are highly intelligent and dominate this particular world, a much more evolved species also exists. They call themselves Draca; humans called them dragons many thousands of years ago, when they were considered objects of myth. Although the Draca originate from a distant world, a select few of these dragons now roam Domuara with their own selfish plans for this place. But the Draca are divided in their beliefs, and depending on which faction prevails, humanity in this world will either become a human utopia, or a desolate slave colony exploited by defiling dragons.
The Dracawards Saga is set in Domuara, a post-apocalyptic world where humanity has proven its resiliency. When the physical properties of this planet shifted as to render the power of electricity completely useless, humankind lost the energy source their civilizations relied upon the most. World civilizations embarked on a rapid downward spiral, culminating in the use and destruction of books and other paper documents to provide energy. The loss of so much knowledge threw humanity into a prolonged Dark Age. As a result, nations disappeared, wars and raids raged, people starved, and populations shrank dramatically, bringing humans to the brink of extinction.
The collapse of the human way of life in this world was so complete that the Draca were unsure how to react. They had never seen such a step backward in the cultural evolution of any sentient being. Should they interfere or let events run their course? As always, the two Draca factions had different answers to this question. The Draca Debellos insisted on non-interference (with the ulterior motive of swooping in once there was no hope for humans to take over Domuara for plunder – the world could feed their Draca magic for many millennia). The Draca Tueri believed the Draca had the duty, as superior beings, to preserve Domuara and help the humans evolve into a civilized race once more. However, the bickering between the two factions kept both sides from doing anything to help the poor world. Fortunately humans were able to save themselves.
As Domuara slowly emerged from its Dark Age, The Debellos began to have second thoughts on their ‘no interference’ stance. Before Domuara’s apocalypse, the Debellos had failed to conquer this human world. In fact, humans were so advanced at the time they were considered the biggest threat dragons had ever faced. Now, the Debellos were not only losing an opportunity to prevent that level of advancement from happening once more, but also letting this world full of coveted resources slip through their talons. Using this point of view as their rationale, eight Debellos dragons, two of each type, are assigned to Domuara with the task of reverting humanity back to primitive tribal communities. Once humans had no hope of ever returning to their former glory, they would offer little, if any resistance to Draca occupation and eventual slavery.
But the Tueri were not about to allow the Debellos to carry out their plans without any opposition. The Tueri fiercely believe in protecting and allowing all sentient life to thrive, since this would be in the best interest of all beings over the long term. Eight Tueri were also assigned, counterparts to the eight dragons selected by the Debellos, to assist in helping the humans thwart the Debellos’ plans.
For centuries these sixteen dragons lived among the humans, but not much progress was made by either side to further their agenda. Finally, the Debellos began gaining the upper hand against the Tueri, thanks to unlikely alliances between these dragons.